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a mighty applicational graphics layer for the Amiga.

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guigfxlib.lha developer archive v8.3 (beta)

important note: Picasso96 users must upgrade to at least v43.26 of the Picasso96 picture datatype! otherwise you will encounter devastating crashes when using guigfx.library.

Picasso96 picture.datatype v43.26


guigfx.library is an applicational layer for pixel graphics.

guigfx.library breaks the rusty chains of all those nasty planar, chunky, 8/16/24bit, OS3.0, OS3.1, OCS, ECS, AGA, CybergraphX and Picasso96 considerations.

with guigfx.library you no longer have to take care about your application running on a OCS machine or on a high-end graphics-card system.

guigfx.library lets you freely choose truecolor graphics for your applications.

with guigfx.library your graphics will always look as fine as possible, on any screen, no matter if on 24 bit 1024x768 CybergraphX/Picasso96, on HAM8, or 1 bit productivity interlaced.

guigfx.library does quick color-reduction, rendering, remapping and dithering for you. only you don't know when, on which machine, under what circumstances.

guigfx.library treats scaling as a standard operation. it is available at any time, without extra consideration, without extra memory consumption, even without a true loss of performance.

guigfx.library handles color allocation in a very effective way.

guigfx.library hides bugs, incompatibilities and insufficiencies of graphics.library, cybergraphics.library and Picasso96 from you. it is an attempt to render incompatibilities between CybergraphX and Picasso96 obsolete. more features are to follow (picture-in-picture emulation and 16bit API, for instance)

guigfx.library features picture.datatype import. standard and v43 (including Picasso96) picture datatypes are automatically recognized and used as available. several formats are yet to be supported directly. the Tower JPEG codec is already used if available.

guigfx.library does not call SetFunction() and is hereby guaranteed to never do so in future versions.

guigfx.library puts all that nasty stuff into a black-box, freeing your mind for the creative part.

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  • render.library v28
  • mc68020
  • OS 3.0 (v39)


  • higher OS
  • higher CPU
  • FPU
  • CyberGraphX
  • Picasso96

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  • full truecolor, OCS, ECS, AGA, HAM support
  • screen-pen management
  • color-reduction
  • dithering
  • picture.class datatype import
  • scaling
  • image processing methods (crop, scale, render, tint, alpha-channel, texture-mapping, ...)
  • fully documented
  • supplied with C, Assembler, and E includes
  • freeware

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since v7.2

  • added CreateDirectDrawHandle(), DeleteDirectDrawHandle() and DirectDrawTrueColor().
  • added environment variables guigfx/WPA8 and guigfx/USESCALEPIXELARRAY.
  • fixed PICMTHD_INSERT to work with pictures being mapped to drawhandles.
  • 12bit drawhandles now use mapping-engines for faster rendering to static palettes.

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last updated: 24-Dec-97
administrator: captain bifat