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welcome to the render.library, guigfx.library, and MysticView support department.

please mail me to subscribe as a registered developer and betatester.

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MysticView is an user-friendly picture viewer for the Amiga.

download, introduction, features, requirements

last updated: 31-Dec-97

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guigfx.library is an amiga shared library providing full RTG capabilities for pixel graphics, no matter if driven on planar, chunky, truecolor or HAM screen modes. it features scaling, quantization, rendering, dithering, alpha-channels, texture-mapping, screenpen-management, and much more. last not least, it is suitable for realtime purposes!

download, introduction, features, requirements

last updated: 24-Dec-97

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render.library is an amiga shared library serving an image processing kernel.

download, introduction, features, requirements

last updated: 24-Dec-97

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MystiCube is a little Workbench toy that displays a texture-mapped cube on your default public screen. you can drag pictures on the surfaces.

Plasma and ShadeBobs are simple RGB sinus effects. they demonstrate the new DirectDraw functions of guigfx.library.

mysticube.lha v1.1
plasma.lha v1.0
shadebobs.lha v1.0

all effects are written in plain C code. source codes are included.

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related projects

currently, there are the following projects related to render.library and guigfx.library:

ArtPRO image converter and processor. author: Frank 'Copper' Pagels. uses render.library for image conversion and rendering. guigfx.library features such as image previews and scaled operator screens are under development.

Gallery HTML image cataloguer, image browser and thumbnailer. author: Markus Hillenbrand. makes use of guigfx.library for thumbnail creation plus image display.

Dante of Oxyron creates viewers for very special purposes with guigfx.library. PIP_View is a PIP-window viewer for the PicassoIV graphics card, and HAM18View displays pictures in real 18bit truecolor on HAM8 screens (without these well-known HAM problems)! Have a look at Oxyron's homepage.

Scalos Workbench replacement project. author: Stefan Sommerfeld. internal beta releases make use of guigfx.library for quick scaling and rendering of backdrop pictures.

ViewWorld will be an earth viewer for your Workbench, using guigfx.library's texture-mapping functions to display the globe from any angle of view!

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a new library is available - mysticview.library. it provides a fully-featured image display class, and it allows you to create your very personal MysticView instances inside your applications! the documentation is not yet complete.

added some more Workbench toys: Plasma and ShadeBobs.

guigfx.library now supports three environment variables that may help you to improve performance remarkably, especially with CyberGFX v3 and native AGA display modes. guigfx.library also features a new functional class: DirectDraw. (currently supporting truecolor data only and not yet documented.) it draws truecolor data to ANY rastport (which may include scaling and mapping) with blazing performance. have a look at the example sources Plasma.c and ShadeBobs.c.

MysticView 0.98e is now available. it is in a preliminary state, though. image rotation is not fully supported in grid refresh mode and with the new option SHOWCURSOR, and there are still several problems to be solved with the slideshow mode and with background scanning and loading.

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last updated: 15-Feb-97
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