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mysticview.lha v0.98e (beta)


MysticView is an easy-to-use picture viewer with modern features, providing great flexibility and excellent display quality. it has some features that no other viewer can offer.

MysticView was mainly designed to become fully independent from screen modes, to take care of aspect ratios, and to display just everything on any screen mode, resolution and color depth, including hicolor, truecolor and HAM modes.

MysticView displays pictures with the highest quality possible. floyd-steinberg dithering can be activated on screens with 256 (or less) colors and on HAM modes.

MysticView opens a scalable or borderless window on your Workbench or on a public screen. it can open a seperate public screen as well.

MysticView scales images to the required dimensions, with respect to the aspect ratios of both the screen and the picture (if they can be obtained).

you can pass any number of files, directories, and filename patterns to MysticView in the commandline, file requester or via icon start. you may as well drag'n'drop any number of files or drawers to MysticView's window. also, you may specify a listfile containing any number of filenames, pathnames, and patterns. directories are scanned recursively. multiple pictures can be viewed manually by pressing the spacebar or automatically in slideshow mode.

MysticView uses heavy internal multitasking for an user-compliant behavior. the main window stays usable while loading, drawing, and directory-scanning.

MysticView is not intended to act as an image converter, effect processor, and alike. it just displays pictures.

MysticView is fully dependent from datatypes, since there are no custom loading routines implemented. for best results you should have installed one of the v43 picture.datatype distributions.

MysticView is the first viewer to directly support free realtime rotation.

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  • render.library v28
  • guigfx.library v8
  • mysticview.library v1
  • OS 3.0 (v39)
  • mc68020 (minimum suggested: 68030/50)
  • lots of memory (minimum suggested: 4mb)

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since v0.97f

  • 0.98e
    - added autodither.
    - fixed timing problems in slideshow mode.
  • 0.98d
    - MysticView now requires mysticview.library.
  • 0.98c
    - fixed pubscreen problems.
    - REQUESTFILE is now considered after slideshows.
    - slideshows didn't always stop immediately. fixed.
    - added 10 configurable presets to be accessed via CTRL F1 ... F10.
    - added free picture rotation in realtime. preliminary.
    - deleted pictures are now removed from the list.
    - fixed install script for 030/FPU version.
    - MysticView is now a commodity.
    - aspect ratios are now handled for thumbnails.
    - the screen is no longer closed and reopened for a change of window settings.
    - many minor changes
  • 0.98b
    - looping and AUTOQUIT are now applied in general, not only in slideshow mode
    - fixed MysticView's newicon to use only required colors.0.98a
    - forgot to implement NORECURSE tooltype setting. fixed.
    - added NOLOOP and AUTOQUIT settings. requested by P. Habermehl.
    - most important recent change: new default background color :)
    - implemented SORTMODE none/random/alpha
    - added limitations for unregistered users. :)
  • 0.97h
    - added DITHERMODE setting. implemented EDD dithering.
    - renamed DITHER to DITHERING.
    - pictures that could not be loaded no longer interrupt slideshows, and a proper error message will be displayed.
    - added Delete Picture.
    - copy/move/delete now applies to the pictures' icons, too.
    - added STARTPIC setting.
    - restructured menus.
    - added Flip Horizontally and Flip Vertically.
    - MysticView now creates an icon for its settings, if necessary.
    - implemented loading and saving of presets, added PRESETPATH and PRESETFILE settings
    - fixed DEFAULT option. now the defaults are overridden by arguments specified in the command line.
  • 0.97g
    - the preload task's priority has been reset to -1.
    - added newicon thumbnail feature. (preliminary, for experimental purposes only)
    - fixed some minor bugs in the documentation
    - supplied all files with nicer newicons.

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last updated: 31-Dec-97
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