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a fully-featured image processing kernel for the Amiga. highly elaborated and faster than any other software known. placed in the public domain.

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renderlib.lha developer archive (v28.2)

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render.library is an amiga shared library that serves an image processing kernel. it is an interface between truecolor and chunky graphics, and it supports all amiga-specific pixel and color schemes. render.library provides palette-management, histograms, alpha-channel processing, color reduction, rendering, dithering, scaling, texture-mapping, and lots of conversion functions.

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  • mc68020 or better
  • kickstart 2.04 (v37) or better

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  • histograms up to 24 bit
  • rendering
  • dithering
  • color quantization
  • alphachannel functions
  • HAM mode support
  • custom memory management
  • scaling
  • color-mapping functions
  • texture-mapping
  • chunky-planar conversion (and vice versa)
  • fully documented with autodocs, charts, tutorials
  • supplied with C, Assembler, and E includes

render.library roadmap

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since v22.4

  • fixed overflow problems with texture-mapping engines.
  • added EDD dither.
  • implemented zigzag dither.
  • dither speed improved.
  • improved SortPalette()/PALMODE_SIGNIFICANCE
  • texturemapping-engines now handle triangles in all situations.
  • fixed minor semaphore lockup problems.
  • fixed MixAlphaChannel() with only one alpha-channel enabled.
  • added internal support functions
  • added texture-mapping
  • improved SortPalette() efficiency and speed
  • added TintRGBArray()

complete history

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last updated: 24-Dec-97
administrator: captain bifat