the Amiga demo gallery

main logo title release notes
Taperecorder intro, 1991 our very first release on the Amiga! yet cool...
Vomit Visions file demo, 1991 among the file-demo 'classics'. average coding, great ideas, awesome music!
Nearer my God to Thee intro, 1992 contributed to TP2 intro competition (8th) 40.000 bytes of cool design, lotsa graphics and great music.
Gosh! I think I ate my baby sister! mini demo, 1992 minidemo against alcoholism. avantgarde design plus a soundtrack that lasts 10 minutes.
Music for your Taperecorder BBS intro, 1993 Crunchy's cool intro for his BBS 'the factory'!
Rampage trackmo, 1994 decent coding, nice graphics, unique design, unbelievable music adaption. first full-screen voxel landscape ever!
Rampage HD HD fix, 1997 HD version from Darkside old-school division. (works fine on my A3000/60 :)