DashMesh - 3D Launcher for Windows 2000/XP™
R0-0010 20050326
 * added spinning (credits to Tobias Schwinger)

R0-0009 20041230
 * fixed 'about' version box

R0-0008 20041230
 * critical bugfix: Load/Save Config did not work.

R0-0007 20041226
 * checks for minimum windows os version 5.0
 * statically linked serialization library 
   kills MSVC dll dependcy
 * system tray icon bugfix : menu hides, when clicked in non-menu area.
 * added: launch method: "hide"
 * added: system commands: "show all" "hide all" 
 * double-click on systray: system command "show all"
 * bitmap resource leak fixed
 * added property: "show in taskbar" 
   NOTE: it can be changed only 'once' - and is for debugging/fps benchmark purpose only.

R0-0006 20041223
 * bugfix: race condition eliminated
 * minor update on about box
 * added installer

R0-0005 20041221
 * mouse-position-ray-face hit test
 * shape/face sensitive hit-tests
 * color design
 * setup light position 
 * right-mouse button: context menu
 * global properties : alpha blend, icon launcher
 * on activate: zoom a bit, on deactivation unzoom a bit
 * new icon
 * context-menu / per cursor config
 * basic serialization using fprintf/fscanf/fwrite and friends
 * reorganized cursor list: cursor threads post 'quit' message to main thread
 * serialize/realize elements - save config, load config
R0-0004 20041218
 * remove cursor mainloop, put into window procedure
 * improved rendering speed: backbuffer clearing 

R0-0003 20041217
 * drag-n-drop image textures
R0-0002 20041216
 * added system tray menu
 * master thread runs the system tray and info bubbles
 * cursor is running in separte thread
 * multiple cursor support
R0-0001 20041214
 * rotating cube mesh