Computer Graphics Demos

This page contains some demos of computer graphics done by me in the last years.

Terrain Engine

I'm currently doing some experiments with terrain engines using a parametric approach.


Interactive Demo:
4 Cameras (Cockpit and Ortho XY,XZ,YZ)
Terrain Parameters with short-cut to keycontrol:
Octaves, Frequency, Amplitude and H
Vehicle Acceleration
Download: Win32/OpenGL

Subdivision Surfaces

The presented subdivision surface algorithm has been invented by myself. It is based on blending several homogeneous coordinates using addition arithmetics. It is non-recursive, memory intensive, fast and has support for fast level-of-detail switching between quads. Is has been implemented in C++, Forth and R.


Implementation in R
Available in the R Package rgl. To see it in R, type:
> library(rgl)
> demo(subdivision)

Demo showing the level of detail capabilities of the algorithm.
Download: OpenGL/Win32

No Subdiv

Level 1

Level 2

Tobias Schwinger's turtle graphics modeling tool that features this algorithm.
Please have a look at it here.


An experiment with L-System and oscillating the branch angle.

Recursion Level 3

Recursion Level 4
Interactive Viewpoint Demo:
Download: Win32/OpenGL