Yet another Protracker player?

As Protracker fanatics, we wanted correct playback, and a simple, cross-platform implementation. This player aims for correct playback and completeness, once it is finished.

What's special about it?

Emulation of lowpass filter ($E0) and funk repeat ($EF). Zero OS dependencies, you can write the audio stuff yourself. We added a soundcard-compliant commandline tool for AmigaOS as a reference implementation. More examples may follow in the future.

Where can I get it?

cvs -d co ptplay

Who is to blame?

Ronald Hof, Timm S. Mueller, Per Johansson
Write to ptplay at to contact the authors.


  • 2004-05-20 OS4 version added
  • 2004-03-20 addresses corrected
  • 2004-03-07 page created

Build instructions

To build the Amiga commandline version, enter the "amigacmd" directory.
  • Amiga68k: smake -f build/smakefile
  • MorphOS: make -f build/makefile_mos
  • AmigaOS4: make -f build/makefile_os4

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